Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oh my goodness! An UPDATE!!!

hi there kids...

I've finally gotten around to updating :)

I recieved my first SP package last week!

when I got it, it was "Received in damaged condition" by the PO, but all is well

I received a super cute Halloween card, some SOAK wool wash, a googly eyes kitty pen, and the yummiest minty fudge ever!!!

A close-up of the fudge. MMMMM...My bf told me to hide the fugde until I can find out where to get more LOL Awesome!

Thanks SP! You're so thoughtful :)

And on the knitting front, here is the progess (or lack-there-of) on the Olympic Sweater. I've actually gotten about 9 more rows knit of the cable pattern since this photo was taken. I can't wait until it's done!

I've also been working on another dreadlock bag for a friend. No pics of that right now though. It's on hold cause I had to order more yarn and other goodies from knit picks, so more of an update on that later...

now for more House!!!

later kiddies...


Thursday, November 02, 2006

more info and stuff...

Hi ya'll!

So I've been slacking (again) on posting, but I'm about to get up to speed
:) I found some more fun questions on another participant's blog, so I
thought I would answer them too. enjoy!

Oh yeah, and pics soon to follow of my first SP Package!

1. Where is your favorite knitting spot?
I prefer to knit while "watching" something. Or perhaps at a reataurant with
a good cup of coffee. Or with my little group of knitting friends. Or... LOL

2. If you suddenly could never knit again (shudder) - what would you do
Well, I'd probably be dead! IF I really couldn't knit, I'd probably take up
painting...one of the FEW arts I never really got into.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would you go and why?
My first stop would be to the Phlippines so I could actually meet my Mom's
side of the fam. Then it would be off to europe to visit a few friends and
some cool places and I would end the journey on a nice sunny beach with
knitting of course! :)

4. When you were little - What did you want to do "when you grew up?" Are
you doing it?
Hmm...A hairdresser - I cut and styled all of my barbie's hair, A vet - but
I didn't like the yucky parts, an Artist - which technically I am :) Truly I
would love to work with metal or glass to build sculptures, but graphic
design will do for now :)

5. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Dear god...anything Ben & Jerry's makes for the most part :) But I would
have to say Cherry Garcia and Phish Food are the top two

List your favorite:
Actor - Jason Statham
Actress - Reese Witherspoon
Animal - turtles, cats
Band - NIN (nine inch nails)
Book - Different Seasons by Stephen King/Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz
Bubble Bath - This stuff that used to come in a purple kitty but I don't
remember what it's called...
Candy - Chocolate! heehee
Color - black/red/silver
Drink- water, tea, tanquaray and tonic, newcastle
Flower - stattice, stargazer lillies
Food - carbs! cheese, potatoes, bread, etc...
Lip Balm - Blistex mint
Lotion - Moist Hemp - one of the few that actually dosen't give me a rash!
Movie - Shaun of the Dead
Place - Nature when it's warm, by the fire when it's cold
Song - March of the Pigs - NIN
TV Show - 24 and Weeds
Yarn - hmm...anything NOT scratchy & natural is best
Vacation Spot - Bonnaroo!