Thursday, August 24, 2006

i'm still here!

Hey all...I'm still here, just not bloggin here much. I've almost finished with cleo. Just sew the pieces together and attach the elastic. I've come up with the idea (with the help from a friend) of attaching some basting/hemming tape to the inside and putting the elastic INSIDE that. On the first cleo I knit up, I sewed the elastic directly to the finished product, and I wasn't happy with the outcome. If you're not familiar with cleo, it's from knitty. Just look it up :) I'm too lazy to code right now LOL. I'm also going to try to complete my other Jaywalker in preperation for SOCK WARS. I fear that I will be eliminated quickly, but it will be fun nonetheless. The Dredlock bag needs about 3-4 more inches before I can start to attach the dreds. YAY!

OK, time to go home...



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