Monday, June 12, 2006

She's ALIVE!!!

ok, so you all must have thought i fell off of the face of the earth since I haven't made a peep in over 3 months...the good news is I am still alive :) I've been very busy not really knitting or crocheting for the past three months...there was a momentary scarf blitz around Easter, but that's about it.

The dredlock bag is almost complete! It's only taken me *almost* a year to do it, but I'm nearly there. I've finished sewing in the zipper and now just a few snaps and I'll be sporting it around town :) Pics will be posted. promise!

• some weird sock thing for my dad's morotcycle
• another cleo in all black
• that damn olympic sweater - it'll have to wait for a VERY patient day :)
and I think that's it...LOL

and on a personal note...
I've gotten a new job! I'm now the graphic designer for The Woodstock Independent newspaper. YAY! a job in my field! and I'm loving it :) :) :) i'm spending a LOT of time here in Woodstock (I'm actually writing form my office) and hope to be moving here soon...

SOOOOOOO I'm planning on updating more often and actually doing some knitting and or crocheting. Look for more in the future!



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