Thursday, February 09, 2006


ok, so I've been missing from blog land for a while now, and I decided I
needed to post, even if it's just text for now...I've been very busy with my
OTK (Other Than Knitting) life. Good news is that my mom's are OK. No breast
cancer for my momma (we had quite a scare there) and BF's momma won't have
to have heart surgery for at least another 5 years or so. *whew* a GIANT
sigh of I'm getting back on the knitting horse, so to speak.

I have decided to give myself a BIG challenge...I'm going to join the 2006
Knitting Olympics sponsored my Yarn Harlot. I just sent in my registration
email, with only a day to spare. Basically, you start cast on during the
opening ceremonies of the Olympics and finish by the closing ceremonies. I'm
super excited! If I hadn't heard about it on the radio, I never would have

Now, you might be asking "Kat, what are you going to knit?" well, I'm going
to knit the famed sweater I've been gushing about...that I have yet to
start, so it's a perfect project! I've already done my swatching and pattern
adjustments (which I will finish typing up tonight) so I'll be all ready!
This will definitely be a big feat for me since I don't really have a lot of
free time, but it's something that I really want to do. Besides, What good
is a finished sweater if it's not cold enough to wear it?

AND I'm seriously almost done with the dredlock bag. I'm hoping to finish it
up tonight at the LYS gathering and have it felted by the end of the
weekend. So many exciting things happening!

I *plan* on posting the pics I took of the sweater pattern and yarn tonight,
so keep your eyes peeled!



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