Monday, February 27, 2006

yarn...oh the wonderful yarn...

ok, so to make up for the fact that I didn't finish my sweater and my LYS is
closing, I decided to go to the super exclusive 1st day sale and buy, buy,
buy!!! I came away with 10 skeins of yarn and under my budget by almost $10!
yay :) too bad there wasn't any of the wool hemp yarn I've had my eye on...I
was really hoping to pick some up, but oh well...somebody beat me to it! I
think I'll take a picture of everything I got...enough to make a pinwheel
baby blanket, and 7 more skeins to make lots of felted stuff! I definitely
want to start my felted laptop bag, the spring socks, and probably a felted
bowl for the boy after I'm done with the sweater. No discouragement here!
I'm just as fueled as ever :)



well, I didn't make it... :( ...It seems as if the fates were against
me...but I'm also a slacker, but I tried!

On Saturday I packed all my stuff up in the morning while I was 1/2 asleep
and I forgot my notions had everything except my pattern and
knitting in it. I had no idea what row I was on and I was pretty lost. I
finally gave in and counted and dissected rows to figure out where I was and
made a bit of progress.

I was finally able to make it back to get my bag around 11:30pm or so. We
grabbed the essentials and went to the bowling alley where the boy bowled
and I knit. A short trip to the bar for a drink and I was knitting again at
the 24hour restaurant we go to occasionally. I made as much progress as I
could and by 3am I was beat. We packed it up and I slept until about 2pm
Sunday afternoon...when I woke up I knew I would possibly be able to finish,
but I did give effort.

I finished the 2nd sleeve and un-knitted the end of the first which I had
made too long. I've gotten everything joined and now I stuck on a counting
problem and too many stitches. The good news is that I'm starting the chart
on the next row, so I hope to be finished by the end of the week.

So yeah...I don't feel like a total loser, because I know I tried and if I
had actually buckled down and knit constantly throughout these two weeks, I
know I could have gotten it done. I would like to compete again if another
round is held, this time with much more pre-planning. I read about a chica
who calculated how many rows she would have to do per day in a spreadsheet!
I'll bet she was able to complete on time.

Well, Congrats to everyone who completed their projects and good effort for
those who didn't. I'm sure a good but stressful time was had be all :)


Thursday, February 23, 2006

olympic update

olympic update: ARGH!!!

OK, so it's not going as well as I had planned, but I'm not totally sunk...yet...

So far I have knitted up to the armpits and have almost one sleeve completed. I have to finish the other sleeve (hopefully by tomorrow night) before I can put everything back on the circular and start the yoke and cables. I really want to finish this up by Sunday, but It's going to be close.

here is the (never ending) list of things that have impeded my knitting progress:
concerts - now you might be saying, "Kat, why did you go to concerts when you should have been knitting?" and I would say I had these tickets months before and didn't even think i would be crazy enough to do something like this!
other knitting - I was bound and determined to finish the damn dredlock bag so I could use it...still haven't sewn in the zipper :( but I did get the pocket and divider sewn in...
sickness - although it was nice to stay home for a day I did much more napping then knitting.
birthdays - why do my friends have to celebrate their birthdays during the olympics? especially at a place like buffalo wild wings where people do not look kindly upon the knitter...that and wing sauce just doesn't mesh well with wool...
wake - one of my dear friend's brothers was killed in a car accident on Sunday. I had to forego almost all knitting on Wednesday to attend the wake after work.
stitch markers - yes, I did take a whole night (WHAT was I THINKING?!) to make stitch markers for my favorite people at my LYS because they are closing and I may not get to see them again any time soon. yes, you did hear me right, my LYS is closing...what else can go wrong?!
book club - oh yeah did I mention that my book club at the LYS is meeting today too? I had to finish the book before today and that didn't help either...
freelancing - I have a freelancing meeting tonight after the book club meeting...I don't think I can forego sleep for knitting, so probably no more progress tonight either...

ugh. I wish I could use my down time at work to knit instead of blog...oh well...I've been feverishly knitting on my lunch breaks so hopefully that will make up for some of my slacking, but not nearly may not see me for a while...

Friday, February 10, 2006

i told you so

woot! i am actually posting pics!

first off, the dradlock bag...knitting finished, felting and assembly next!

dredlock bag knitted mess

Next up, the yarn and the last of my gift certificate to the yarn store...NatureWood yarn made in Chile. This will grow up to be another paur of felted mittens once the olympics are over...

yummy red wool

and now, we proudly present

the pattern...

sweater parretn pic

a close up of the cabled yoke...

cabled yoke

the yarn...northern lights by mountain colors...


the swatch...more true to actual colors...

Image hosting by Photobucket

ok...time for bed!


Thursday, February 09, 2006


ok, so I've been missing from blog land for a while now, and I decided I
needed to post, even if it's just text for now...I've been very busy with my
OTK (Other Than Knitting) life. Good news is that my mom's are OK. No breast
cancer for my momma (we had quite a scare there) and BF's momma won't have
to have heart surgery for at least another 5 years or so. *whew* a GIANT
sigh of I'm getting back on the knitting horse, so to speak.

I have decided to give myself a BIG challenge...I'm going to join the 2006
Knitting Olympics sponsored my Yarn Harlot. I just sent in my registration
email, with only a day to spare. Basically, you start cast on during the
opening ceremonies of the Olympics and finish by the closing ceremonies. I'm
super excited! If I hadn't heard about it on the radio, I never would have

Now, you might be asking "Kat, what are you going to knit?" well, I'm going
to knit the famed sweater I've been gushing about...that I have yet to
start, so it's a perfect project! I've already done my swatching and pattern
adjustments (which I will finish typing up tonight) so I'll be all ready!
This will definitely be a big feat for me since I don't really have a lot of
free time, but it's something that I really want to do. Besides, What good
is a finished sweater if it's not cold enough to wear it?

AND I'm seriously almost done with the dredlock bag. I'm hoping to finish it
up tonight at the LYS gathering and have it felted by the end of the
weekend. So many exciting things happening!

I *plan* on posting the pics I took of the sweater pattern and yarn tonight,
so keep your eyes peeled!