Monday, December 19, 2005

knitting insanity!

so there has been MUCH knitting occurring in the land of Kat lately. No
pictures yet, but I plan on taking some tonight before everything gets
wrapped up.

I finished the wool ease/luscious scarf Friday night and knit a light and
lofty/party girl scarf in white Friday night/Saturday morning. It's soo
cute, I call it the snow bunny scarf. My mom asked me for another one (woo
hoo more xmas spending $$) so I did another light and lofty/party girl in
light blue. Equally as cute, I call this one fluffy cloud.

I also started hot head from Stitch and Bitch for my dad Saturday night and
finished it yesterday. I used lion brand chunky (cause he's allergic to wool
too) and it's super warm! The boy didn't want to give it back after modeling
it for size for me :) The colors are navy and grey to go with dad's two
winter jackets. He wanted a cable hat, but maybe I'll make him one of those
for his birthday.

I also stared the offical kittyville hat from SNB for myself last night.
Hopefully I can finish it in the down time at work this week. It's too cold
to go out for lunch, so I'll just stay inside and knit!

I'm going to ask my mom if she needs another scarf to try and get some more
spending $$ for Christmas since the car payment and student loan are all due
within this week and next :P damn bills! I wish they could take a Christmas
vacation too!

AND it's super cold here. -6 degrees this morning on my way to work.
Thankfully I'll be getting a new battery (thanks to the boy's parents) for
Christmas since my car almost didn't want to start this morning. And then I
heard it's supposed to be up to the 40s by Saturday, just in time to rain
and melt all the snow away. I was hoping for a White Christmas, but it looks
like Mother Nature has something else in store for us.

so stay warm and i'll be posting some pics tonight!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello kitty kat!
goodies are making their way to you as we speak - hopefully there within 2-3 days. stay warm!!!
~new and improved SP

December 19, 2005 1:04 PM  

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