Thursday, December 29, 2005

mini-picture post

How was everyone's holiday? Mine was good :) I got a new digital camera!!! Here are a few pics I've been meaning to post...

secret pal package
The Angel Secret Pal Package...totally AWESOME! Thanks again Jennifer!

kat in the hat
And the Official Kittyville Hat from Stitch and Bitch. i just finished it tonight at the LYS.

I also took some pics of the gifties I knitted up, but they're on Dad's digital, which of course I can't find right those will come later.

And if I don't see ya, HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and stay safe :)


Friday, December 23, 2005

bloggin by mail

This is a special THANK YOU to Jennifer of knit, mama! KNIT!
( who was my back-up secret pal :^D I haven't had
anytime to get the pics downloaded to my iBook yet, so I'll give you
something to visualize.

When I got home last night there was a sizable box waiting for me. What
could it be? A package from my back-up SP! As soon as I broke open the seal
on the box I was greeted with delicious scents. Three bars of wonderful soap
for my sensitive skin. I can't wait to try them out : ) and what's that in
the bag there? Organic cotton, and two skeins of hemp for knitting from
kpixie! I've been coveting these beautiful yarns for so long, I can't wait
to try them out! There were even two patterns specifically for the yarns
marked for me in the Cozy Crochet book (so CUTE!) and the Interweave crochet
magazine. I can't wait to try my hand at crocheting that beautiful necklace.
That's the one pattern that caught my eye when I flipped through at the
bookstore : ) And then there was a tin. As I struggled with the tape (good
sealing job!) I ripped off the lid and there was such a beautiful
sight...candy cane fudge!!! Oh my...easily my favorite EVER! Delicious fudge
with marshmallows and candy cane bits...very decadent, and so good I didn't
even eat dinner!

Jennifer, Thanks for reviving the SP goodness for me : ) All this with two
little ones at home AND you still find time to knit like crazy! I hope I'm
as good at juggling tasks when I have my own little ones : ) Thanks
again...YOU ROCK!!!


Monday, December 19, 2005

knitting insanity!

so there has been MUCH knitting occurring in the land of Kat lately. No
pictures yet, but I plan on taking some tonight before everything gets
wrapped up.

I finished the wool ease/luscious scarf Friday night and knit a light and
lofty/party girl scarf in white Friday night/Saturday morning. It's soo
cute, I call it the snow bunny scarf. My mom asked me for another one (woo
hoo more xmas spending $$) so I did another light and lofty/party girl in
light blue. Equally as cute, I call this one fluffy cloud.

I also started hot head from Stitch and Bitch for my dad Saturday night and
finished it yesterday. I used lion brand chunky (cause he's allergic to wool
too) and it's super warm! The boy didn't want to give it back after modeling
it for size for me :) The colors are navy and grey to go with dad's two
winter jackets. He wanted a cable hat, but maybe I'll make him one of those
for his birthday.

I also stared the offical kittyville hat from SNB for myself last night.
Hopefully I can finish it in the down time at work this week. It's too cold
to go out for lunch, so I'll just stay inside and knit!

I'm going to ask my mom if she needs another scarf to try and get some more
spending $$ for Christmas since the car payment and student loan are all due
within this week and next :P damn bills! I wish they could take a Christmas
vacation too!

AND it's super cold here. -6 degrees this morning on my way to work.
Thankfully I'll be getting a new battery (thanks to the boy's parents) for
Christmas since my car almost didn't want to start this morning. And then I
heard it's supposed to be up to the 40s by Saturday, just in time to rain
and melt all the snow away. I was hoping for a White Christmas, but it looks
like Mother Nature has something else in store for us.

so stay warm and i'll be posting some pics tonight!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

bliggity blah

So, This week I found out that my Secret Pal bailed on me :( BUT Lee Anne
(the super SP6 hostess that she is) has found me an angel! I'm so happy
that there are others out there who just want to spread the joy. I wasn't
going to sign up for this round of secret pal, but I did on a whim. SO,
thanks to my angel, who ever you are, I'm very grateful for you :) I can't
really say that I'm craving anything in particular in the knitterly things
(altho my future mother-in-law told me I'm not allowed to buy any knitting
books till after xmas), but I do love me some peppermint chocolate! Exactly
why I love this time of chocolate stirred with one of those big
soft peppermint sticks is one of my favorite things :) OK, now I'm making
myself hungry! and SP angel, you can email me at katrosekrk.geo (at) yahoo
(dot) com, because I don't think I got your email unless it got lost in the
land of junk, but I promise to sift through to see if it's there. Thanks


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

knittin' fool!

So I have been a busy girl! I actually knitted a whole pair of the Sweet
Mary Janes on Sunday! Granted the boy had to massage my hands every few
hours, but It was worth it. I also felted my mittens last Wednesday just in
time for the Thursday Morning snow fall. They are so warm and nice :) I'm
really glad I knitted myself mittens instead of buying some.

Last night I went to the lobby of hobbies and picked up some yarn for those
scarves I need to knit for my mom. Did you know they have their own brand of
yarn now? It's called Yarn Bee. I bought some eyelash and silky eyelash
kinda stuff and it was very reasonable for the amount of yardage. I only had
to buy one skein of each for a whole scarf! Normally I use at least one and
a half. I can't wait to see how they turn out :)

That's all for now, just a short and sweet update. Have a good week!


Monday, December 05, 2005

knittin' up a storm...

OK, so I've been knitting like crazy! Of course I have no pictures, cause I'm posting at work. I seriously plan on taking pics and posting them when I get home, but I never actually get motivated to find the camera, the memory card and adapter all at the same time. I think I'm actually getting a decent camera for Xmas, but I'll just have to wait and see :)

So I finished another pair of the Sweet Mary Janes on Friday night. I also started a pair of felted mittens for myself and I've got about 1/2 of the 2nd mitten left to do. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight and felt so I can have them later this week to wear. Those thin chenille stretch gloves aren't doing be a bit of good besides saving me from complete frost bite!

I'm also planning on knitting myself the official Kittyville hat from the first Stitch 'n Bitch book. I need a hat with earflaps, and I can't have too many kitty hats :) I already have 3 with ears on top :) It's like my signature. Plus I hate cold ears and the winter is definitely making it's presence known this year.

On the rest of the docket, momma asked me to knit 3 scarves for her friends at work, dad wants a basic cable hat, I need at least another pair of SMJ slippers (if not more), plus I want to make mom some Fuzzy Feet from Knitty, and a few more last minute gifties IF I have time. I figure at this point, my stash can accommodate a few more gifts if I can find the time to knit them. With my weekends taken up by parties, I'm going to be knitting in the corner!

I hope everyone else isn't having a super hectic season like me :) I suppose I should have started my holiday knitting a bit sooner. Damn that procrastination gene!