Friday, November 04, 2005

I'd rather be knitting

So it's Friday, and we are slow as hell. One of the girls in the office
(there are three of us) was out for the past two days, so I actually had
stuff to do, hers. Well, she's back today and again, I am bored out of my
skull. It's soo tempting just to reach into my bag sitting on the floor next
to me and pick up my knitting. I've been out of the groove for a while now.
I just stated to knit the basic cable hat from Stitch N Bitch Nation. I'm
loving it!!! I'm not too sure about the sizing, but projects always look
smaller when they're crammed on 16" needles. Thankfully it's been really
nice (I mean upper 60s) this past week, so my slow progress on this hat is
OK for now. I want to have it done by the end of the weekend cause I can
feel the snow ready to attack. I just think this winter is going to be
hellish and I will be spending more nights at the boy's house than not. At
least I have a place to stay that's only 5 minutes from work. If I'm at home
when it snows, I'll have to allow at least 30 if not 45 minutes for my drive
to work. Back roads in the snow are not happy.

SO anyways about this hat I'm knitting. I'm using it as a warm up for the
sweater I'm planning on making myself. It's really cute. I'm using
wool-ease, for my allergic self, in Grey Heather. Once I finally get it done
I don't think I'll take it off unless I'm sweating :) I'm already getting
into the swing of using the cable needle, and I might actually pick a
different pattern with more cables cause those scared me off at first.
Cables aren't really that hard at all. I'm soo happy I can do them without
being scared. It truly is amazing what you can do with a few needles and
some yarn. I kinda wish I had started knitting way long ago.

And I'm joining my first KAL! Jen from piddleloop is hosting a knit-a-long
for Erin's Sweet Mary Janes pattern. Check out the link to Jen on the
sidebar. Sorry no direct links when I'm emailing my blog :) I still have to
decide what yarn I will use. I think they may replace the knitted animal
gift idea I originally had for my friends. There just isn't enough time for
me to crank out an individualized animal for each of my friends I want to
gift this year. I'm not too sure how the boys will like them, so maybe
something else will be in store for them. I have also been contemplating the
monster slippers from SNBN. They are sooo cool!

OK, enough for now. Time to feign some more work for an hour and a half and
then...the weekend!!! I hope you have a great one!



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