Tuesday, November 29, 2005

blogging by mail...

OK, so I've been severely slacking in the blogging department. I just
haven't felt up to posting lately...

So here's the scoop on my momma...
At the hospital they did a million tests (stress test, angiogram, MRIs,
etc.) and found NOTHING. So basically they think it was severe acid reflux.
She still has the flu pretty bad, and last week I was home taking care of
her. She is on another week of no-work per the doc for this week. Hopefully
she will be all better soon :)

Turkey day...
Since my momma was sick, we decided to postpone T-day to Sunday. I am very
proud to say that I made the whole dinner! Chris was there to help me out a
bit at the end after he woke up from his nap :) The turkey turned out
great! My dad had a hard time carving it because the meat was just falling
apart. I'm so glad that everything turned out great. Now I know I can make a
full turkey dinner in about 6 hours. We had turkey, green bean casserole,
tangy potatoes, carmelized sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce (my own
recipie), and those yummy flaky rolls. I think my dad took some pics of me
in the kitchen, so I will have to post those later.

On the knitting front...

The alligator mittens are almost done! I have all the pieces knit and I
FINALLY found some sew on wiggly eyes (thank you Hobby Lobby). Now all I
have left is to add the teeth, block the pieces and sew them together. I
can't wait to finish cause it's getting might chilly around here :)

I finished one of the Hurry Up Spring arm warmers last night. I like how it
turned out, but the leaves are a bit hard to see on the dark yarn. The 2nd
one will have to wait since I've now been consumed with Christmas knitting!

I have started another pair of Sweet Mary Jane slippers in a pretty pink and
purple verigated yarn. I'm also going to be making another set in a
blue-green-yellow verigated yarn. I think I might try and squeeze in a pair
of fuzzy feet and another basic cable hat too. I'm not sure how I'm going to
do it all in time! I may have to pick up another set of #7 DPNs so I can
have a few projects going at the same time since most of them are on 7s. OI!

And on the Graphic Design end of things...
A friend of mine is starting a record label and he has asked me to do his
work! The label is called Alarm Clock Records. So I've been picking up the
stray job from him now that the iBook is back in the swing of things :)
I've also been comissioned by another band, Beyond the Red, to do some
stickers. And the boy's band finally has a name, Silence of the Fall, and
we're trying to come up with a logo for them. I'm not sure how I'm going to
squeeze everything in with the holiday parties on the weekends, but Sundays
will have to be a dedicated knitting with football day.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and I will post some pics when I get a
chance :)


Friday, November 18, 2005


Man, it's been COLD this week! I realized that after hunting around the house I couldn't find a pair of gloves or mittens that wasn't missing one or falling apart. So I decided to knit myself some mittens :) I'm going to start on the Later Gator Mittens from Stitch 'n BItch Nation. I've already got 2/3 of one of the Hurry Up Spring arm warmers complete! I'm planning on wearing them at work where I'm always chilly. I might even crochet myself a little lap-ghan for work. I hate having a space heater on all the time. I'm always afraid I'll melt my shoes or pants or something. Pretty soon I'm going to have to wear my hat all the time to keep myself warm! It sucks that the cost of heating is so outrageous this year. I'm just glad I don't have to pay to heat the warehouse!

On a sad note, my momma is in the hospital. She's been sick ever since she
came back from Florida about a month ago. She's so stubborn that she didn't
want to stay home and get fully recovered. Unfortunately we haven't heard
any news yet. My dad called me this morning to tell me that he took her to
the hospital and that the doctors had been running tests, but still didn't
know what was going on. I hope everything is OK. She doesn't like to go to
the doctor as it is... So please send some positive thoughts and prayers our

Me & My Momma
Me and Mom last Christmas


Monday, November 14, 2005


OK, first off, the snack swap photo

snack swap!
MMMM! We have spicy peas, chocolate almond biscotti, espresso chocolate bar, japanese cookies, a cute hazelnut hippo cookie from the UK and a pretty postcard :) THANKS SIMA!

On to the knitting!

Cable Hat
My first Cable project! This is the Basic Cable hat from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation :)

Me in the Basic Cable
And me looking a bit maniacal in my new hat...

Drum roll please..............................

The completed Mary Janes! I realize that this photo makes one foot look bigger than the other, but I assure you they are the same. At least i used the same sizing ;D

MJs side
And a side view of the MJs. This pic dosen't do the button justice tho. They're actually a really pretty blue and black swirl button. A perfect fit!

I think I may need to make the next size down even tho I have size 10-11 feet. They fit a bit loosely, but they're definitely comfy and warm :)

And that's all folks, Time for bed!



I finished my Mary Janes this weekend! I would have pics, but my dad stole
my camera this past weekend to take to a wedding :P Oh well, I'm planning
on spending tonight catching up on all those photos I've been talking about
:) I just had to post that I actually finished a pair! I did one slipper
yesterday while watching football (GO BEARS!) and napping. I'm really happy
about how they turned out I'm definitely making more for xmas.

I also had a suggestion for some tread since we have wood floors. Use some
puff paint in a coordinating color and make little dots, swirls, whatever to
transform into slip-resistant slippers :) I hope y'all had a good weekend!


Friday, November 11, 2005

and the verdict is...

So I finally have good news! I got my iBook back :) THey sent it out to
Apple Care on Monday night, and I looked at the info page that comes with
it. They received the package at around 6am Tuesday morning, and it was
shipped out again by 1pm! I can't believe how fast the turn around was. And
all of my information was still on the hard dive :) Even better! So now I
know that the Apple Store was feeding me a bunch of bull about the delay on
the backup being because of a problem with the hard drive. I can't wait to
include that in my letter. Did I mention that I am writing a letter to the
District Manager of the Apple Stores? It's already a page and a half :) I
can't wait to see what they say about the whole ordeal. I should have just
sent it in myself and it wouldn't even have been gone for a week! Oh well, I
know for next time. I don't think I'll ever patronize any Apple Store from
now on. Apparently dealing directly with Apple is the only way to get things

On to the knitting!

As you may already know, I joined the Sweet Mary Janes knit-a-long that Jen
From Piddleloop is hosting. I finished my first slipper last night! I
decided to do the whole thing in the same yarn since it is verigated and I
must say that I'm impressed at how accurate the sizing is :) I have gihugic
feet (that's gigantic and huge) and I have trouble finding shoes that fit.
I'm so happy I won't even need to alter the pattern for my feet :) Great job
Erin! I just have to find some cute buttons now. I think I'll cast on for
the 2nd slipper tonight, and I plan on being finished by the end of the
weekend. I'm going to try and catch up on all the pics I've been promising
tonight, so everyone can see my progress :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll catch ya on the flip side...


Monday, November 07, 2005

apple store = evil

OK, so those of you who read my blog know the plight of my iBook. Well, Saturday I decided to give apple a call to check on the status of my repair. The lady @ apple care said my iBook had not yet been sent in. WTF?!?!?!?!?! I was sooo pissed to say the least. I demanded to know what was happening since last week when I called they said they were shipping it in on Monday the 31st. She called the apple store in Woodfield Mall (Schaumburg, IL) where I had taken said iBook in for repair on October 22nd. She came back on the line and told me there was a problem with my hard drive and it was taking longer to back up my data. What a load of crap! I know for a fact that there is not a problem with my hard drive, only with the display which is attached to the motherboard. No hard drive issues AT ALL! So I told her that my business is suffering because I was told there would be a 5-7 business day turn around on this repair, which if it had been sent in right away would have been, at the most, November 1st. So she calls the apple store again and I talk to "Sam" who proceeds to feed me another bunch of bull crap as to why my iBook never got sent in. If I had known there would be this much trouble, I would have just sent it to apple care myself.

The apple store in Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL is run by a bunch of freakin' monkeys! So supposedly it was sent in today to apple care. I'm going to call there and get the tracking number of the shipment so I can track my status myself. My dad went and picked up the DVDs they backed up all of my info to yesterday, so at least I'll have that, but I'm still out a computer until I get it back. I am having it shipped directly to my house this time because I refuse to drive the 45minutes to Woodfield to pick it up. And knowing the "geniuses" at that store, they would probably forget about it until a month from now! I can't express how furious I was when all of this went down. I was screaming and crying at the same time. My dad even got on the phone and demanded to know what their issue was, and they fed him the same crapola. I have never before experienced such blatant uncaring with customer service of any kind. I am totally writing a letter to the store manager, the district manager, and customer service of apple care. Plus I have freelance jobs that have to be done this week, that I may have to give to someone else if I don't get my comp back. This sucks ass. I can't believe the incompetence of these people. They can't even offer any kind of solution, rental, or anything to hold me over. So if any of you are planning on spending $$ with apple, don't do it with the Woodfield Mall store.

OK, so enough ranting on that subject. On to the knitting!

I finished the basic cable hat on Saturday, and I love it!!! It knit up so fast that I may have to make a few more for Christmas. I'll have pics...eventually. I also FINALLY finished my first knitting with hemp project. It's just a basic basket weave washcloth, but I like how it turned out. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. It would be nice for the shower for its loofah-like qualities, but I just love the poofy things. So who knows. It may just go into the last-minute-gift pile. I also purchased the Sweet Mary Janes pattern from Erin of My Best Friend's A Dork for Jen of Piddleloop's KAL. I also picked up the double points I need today at lunch. Now I just have to figure out that funky cast on. I'll probably be hijaking my dad's s-l-o-w laptop to see if I can find a visual. I just work so much better from a visual, ya know? Especially with knitting. Sometimes the descriptions are just much easier to see that guess what they're supposed to look like. I've also caught the cable bug from that hat pattern, and I think I may start the hurry up spring arm warmers from SnB Nation. YAY! I (heart) cables :)

OK, back to work!


Friday, November 04, 2005

I'd rather be knitting

So it's Friday, and we are slow as hell. One of the girls in the office
(there are three of us) was out for the past two days, so I actually had
stuff to do, hers. Well, she's back today and again, I am bored out of my
skull. It's soo tempting just to reach into my bag sitting on the floor next
to me and pick up my knitting. I've been out of the groove for a while now.
I just stated to knit the basic cable hat from Stitch N Bitch Nation. I'm
loving it!!! I'm not too sure about the sizing, but projects always look
smaller when they're crammed on 16" needles. Thankfully it's been really
nice (I mean upper 60s) this past week, so my slow progress on this hat is
OK for now. I want to have it done by the end of the weekend cause I can
feel the snow ready to attack. I just think this winter is going to be
hellish and I will be spending more nights at the boy's house than not. At
least I have a place to stay that's only 5 minutes from work. If I'm at home
when it snows, I'll have to allow at least 30 if not 45 minutes for my drive
to work. Back roads in the snow are not happy.

SO anyways about this hat I'm knitting. I'm using it as a warm up for the
sweater I'm planning on making myself. It's really cute. I'm using
wool-ease, for my allergic self, in Grey Heather. Once I finally get it done
I don't think I'll take it off unless I'm sweating :) I'm already getting
into the swing of using the cable needle, and I might actually pick a
different pattern with more cables cause those scared me off at first.
Cables aren't really that hard at all. I'm soo happy I can do them without
being scared. It truly is amazing what you can do with a few needles and
some yarn. I kinda wish I had started knitting way long ago.

And I'm joining my first KAL! Jen from piddleloop is hosting a knit-a-long
for Erin's Sweet Mary Janes pattern. Check out the link to Jen on the
sidebar. Sorry no direct links when I'm emailing my blog :) I still have to
decide what yarn I will use. I think they may replace the knitted animal
gift idea I originally had for my friends. There just isn't enough time for
me to crank out an individualized animal for each of my friends I want to
gift this year. I'm not too sure how the boys will like them, so maybe
something else will be in store for them. I have also been contemplating the
monster slippers from SNBN. They are sooo cool!

OK, enough for now. Time to feign some more work for an hour and a half and
then...the weekend!!! I hope you have a great one!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005


so I had a good weekend. My costume was a hit. I was Cruella DeVille :) Pics
will be posted...eventually...

My iBook is still sick. those damn bastards at the apple store are going to
get an earful when I go to FINALLY pick it up at an undetermined time. I
called to get the status Saturday, and it HADN'T EVEN BEEN SENT IN!!! So
pretty much their excuse was "we had to open it up and retreive info
directly from the hard drive because there is a problem with the
motherboard" and it took them a friggin' week to do that?! I don't get it!
The last time this happened I spent 4 hours at that friggin' store with my
iBook connected to a G5 via Firewire and I transfered all the data that way.
I think they are just giving me the run around. I want my comp back!!!!!

And where, oh where is my Secret Pal?! Anon E. Muss, I haven't heard from
you in over a month :(