Monday, October 17, 2005

weekend update

So how was everyone's weekend? I had a pretty good time...

Friday night a few friends organized a girl's night with all different kinds
of snacky foods, manicures and pedicures. We even played Jeopardy on the PS2
and watched a few movies and the White Sox game. It was very relaxing and
fun. The boys didn't even get back till really late and I ended up crashing
on the couch waiting for them to get home. We also decided this was
something we need to do at least once a month. Amen to that!

Saturday we got an early start and got to Great America by 11:00 am. It's a
good thing we got there so early, because we had to wait an additional hour
and a half to actually get into the park. We ended up going on five rides
total and we were there for 12 hours! The lines are definitely a down fall.
We are thinking of getting season passes for next year and going during the
week a few times during the summer. They also have these speed passes that
get you on the ride right away, for an additional cost, of course! The speed
pass holders can enter through the exit of the rides and usually have at
least one row reserved for them. It's pretty cool if you have one, but if
you don't it sucks. I think the longest we waited for a ride was for the
American Eagle, which I didn't even really enjoy. If you don't know, the
American Eagle is the world's largest wooden roller coaster (at least it
used to be). The ride is REALLY rough and it screeches like crazy going
around turns. We waited almost two hours to get on, and I don't think I'll
ride it again. But my favorite by far was the Superman! You actually get
strapped in with a super comfortable over-the-shoulder harness that covers
your pelvis area and your feet are in a restraint as well. After you're
strapped in you get raised up into "flying" position. The ride was such a
rush, I would ride it all day if I could! We ended up leaving around 11:15pm
and boy were we exhausted! Of course I have no photos since we didn't bring
the digital or a disposable camera, but I did manage to get the boy into one
of those photo booths that takes 4 pics in a row. I'll have to scan them in
to post.

Sunday was filled with the Bears game, painting, and the White Sox game. It
was pretty cool that both Chicago teams won. I still can't believe the Sox
are playing in the world series! It's causing quite a stir out here since
the Cubs haven't even made it this far in sooo long. Things should
definitely be interesting if the Sox actually win. I'm happy they've made it
this far since I've always been a Sox fan, I just never really "get into"
sports that much. We'll see if the south-siders can bring home the big one
this year!



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