Thursday, October 13, 2005

blogging by mail...

SO, it's been a while since I posted. I've actually been occupied at work!
It's definitely a good thing, but I do find small periods of time when I
have to find something to do for a little while. I figure if I look like I'm
writing an email no one will bother me :)

So I've been battling a cold for a while now. It's never really been a full
on-I feel shitty-cold, except for a few days last week, but no temperature,
just runny/stuff noses mostly. I can't wait until I get health insurance
again so I can actually go to the doctor when stuff like this happens. Ah
well. I'll just hope my crazy mexican cold medicine works along with the
airborne I've been taking. If you've never heard of airborne, I suggest you
check it out. The website is I can't insert
hyperlinks when I blog by mail, so just copy and paste it in. Definitely a
great invention, I just haven't been taking it regularly. Mostly because
when I think I feel better, I stop taking it, which is of course the worst
thing to do. Maybe I'll learn eventually!

So we are going to Great America Saturday. For those of you who are
unfamiliar, Great America (located in Gurnee, IL) is a roller coaster theme
park. Tons of different kinds of rides for kids of all ages including me!
I'm really excited, 'cause I haven't been in quite a few years. The boy
isn't really into any ride that goes upside down (except for the little tame
one) but we are going with a bunch of friends that love roller coasters. I
can't wait to ride the Superman ride. You actually ride it from a flying
position! I think it will be a blast.

We are still working on painting the house. We don't plan on moving in until
spring, probably sometime in March or April. Our friends are moving in by
the end of the month. Every time we get something done, there's this little
rush if excitement. We have all these plans, I just hope everything work
out. Our room is actually bigger than I thought, although not by much. But
that's OK, because it's not like we're going to be spending all of our time
in our room. We'll have a whole house to roam freely in. I just can't wait
for the freedom. It'll be tons of responsibility as well, but totally worth
it. We are so ready to be on our own.

On the knitting front, I've made minor progress on the dredlock bag. I think
I have three rows of dreds attached now. It's taking a lot longer than I
expected, so I'm stalling. But I do have the strap completed. I-cords go
much faster when you can knit them continuously.

I have the yarn ordered for the animals I'm going to knit for the holidays.
I'm not sure how many I'll actually get done, but I'm hoping to complete at
least three. I think I'll be too consumed with my sweater. Last Saturday,
the boy, his mom, and I drove into the country to find this quaint little
place called The Fold. It's nestled in farm land and is attached to the
owners home. It is so freakin' cool! When you first walk in the door, all
you can see is everything related to spinning. Shelves are over flowing with
rainbows of roving. Spindles, combs, spinning wheels, everything everywhere.
It was very over whelming. There were two private lessons being taught. It
was fascinating, and I'm totally hooked! I'm definitely going to look into
learning to spin. In the adjoining room there was yarn floor to ceiling. So
many different kinds of yarn, brands I had never even heard of. I was in
total awe. I must have walked around tem times before the boy finally helped
me pick out yarn for my first sweater. It's on giant hank of Mountain Colors
in the Northern Lights colorway. I'll have to photograph it so you can see
the beautiful colors. It's just like what you would see when the Northern
Lights are visible. And I think I found a pattern I want to use as well!
I've been searching all week to find the perfect one. It's really agonizing
to find exactly what you're searching for. I'm definitely going to have to
try writing my own pattern sometime.

CD SWAP! So I have received a bunch of CDs. The ones I can remember I have
received are from 12punt3 - Marianne, Suzie, Jen, Lindsay, one from Brazil
(can't remember who from), and I think one more. I'll have to photo and
thank each one in the next post from home. So THANKS! and I've enjoyed
listening to them so far!

That's all from kittyland for now. Time to get some actual work done :)



Anonymous jen said...

glad you are alive!
i hope you have fun at great america i've always wanted to go to fright fest.
i love roller coasters and anything that looks like it will kill me. especially if it's held together with duct tape and coat hangers i.e. carnival rides!!
chris doesn't seem like he'd be afraid of anything, so the fact that he won't ride stuff that goes upside down made me laugh.
have a good weekend kat!

October 14, 2005 11:31 AM  

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