Monday, September 26, 2005

What a weekend!

So how is everyone feeling today? Me? I'm feeling very lethargic. I had a pretty good weekend, and now I'm tuckered. I totally could have dealt with taking the day off to sleep/lounge/knit.

Saturday, I spent the morning designing. I've always got little side projects going on in the background. Nothing huge and Important. A little xtra cash on the side, ya know?
>interjection: I freakin' hate 3 days of the nickle-creed-hooba-park! All those damn bands sound the same to me. I guess it's all a little too whiny-country-like to me. anyways...<
So of course I was too distracted by my little project to get ready for the wedding shower. The shower started at one. I got into the shower at 11:50 pm.  Now, I'm used to taking fast showers, because I frequently sleep too late in the morning. I was out of the shower by 12:05.  I get to the getting dressed stage, and I realize I don't want to wear anything I have available. I try on the same pieces of clothing in all different combinations like 50 times. I finally manage to get out of the driveway shortly after 1:00pm. Oops!

So I get about 10 minutes into my drive (which I figure should take 30-45 minutes max) and I hit the wall of traffic. It takes me 15 minutes to drive through a town which you could easily blink past. I finally break into the country where the traffic is light and fast moving. I manage to take like 3 wrong turns before finally ending up at the church at 2:00pm. No worries though! I was just in time to munch on the standard mostaccoli/chicken buffet. I won prizes during the games; a strawberry scented candle, a how to cook with beer cookbook, chili cookbook and copper nail polish.  Yay! I love beer :)  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Even the cake was pretty good.

That night Chris and I went to Chipotle and ColdStone. What a wonderful combination. If you have never been to a ColdStone, you're missing out! They mix the ingredients right into the base of an ice cream of your choice. I had cherry loves cheesecake and it was delicious. Chris's Peanut Butter Cup Perfection was awesome too. We just lounged with some friends that night and ended up crashing on their couch.

Sunday was Renegade Craft Fair Day!!! I had convinced two of my friends plus Chris to come along. The train was delayed an hour and a half before we even got on. It came just in time to save us from a downpour that lasted the whole ride. We got into the city about 12pm. We rode the el down to Wicker Park and started browsing. There were a bunch of different kinds of stuffed creatures, yarn related items, tshirts, buttons, jewelry, etc. All made by independent funky artists. I dug a lot of the creations I saw, but definitely couldn't afford all of them. I walked away with a Make your own sock monkey kit and I was very happy about it.

Shortly after it started sprinkling, I met up with Jen of Piddleloop! We exchanged our packages (pictures to come!) and I got a cute pouch Jen embelished with a felt kitty and her Dual Disc Debacle mix. See Jen's blog for what I made for her! We decided to grab some lunch and the weather gods decided to tinkle on us. Actually I can't say tinkle. It was quite a down pour. I was the only one with an umbrella and even I got drenched. Thankfully my backpack stayed pretty dry. For the most part. We took shelter at Potbelly's (super yummy sandwich shop) and chatted and ate and dried off. (See Jen's blog for the photos!) We parted ways shortly after lunch. My friends and I continued on our own little shopping spree in the Clark/Blemont area. We finished up in time to catch the 6:30 train back home.

Somewhere during our trip home, there was "an incident with a pedestrian" and there were lots of cops in the ink black night that was just beyond our train car. I still don't know what happened, I just know we were delayed 30 minutes while they dealt with the local authorities. We shared madlibs with a drunk lady on the train and I didn't knit anymore. By the time was finally got back to my house I was exhausted. I cleaned out my purse and backpack, got ready for bed and I was out by 10:30. I actually slept for more than 3 hours continuously! I needed it.

So I've been compiling this for the past few hours, and I think I've rambled enough. I'll let you go with the temptation of there being ACTUAL photos in the next post, I PROMISE!



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