Thursday, September 22, 2005


HEE HEE! I just had to make a reference to my DILBERTĀ® page a day calendar.
Today's comic is about how Dilbert and Wally are aggravating the new mutant
"Peeved Eve". She freaks out at everything LOL!

So I wanted to give a shout out to <a
href=""> Suzie </a> who sent me an AWESOME
thank you package for being her SP! Since I am pretty much always blogging
from work these days where I run an ancient Power Mac 7500/100 I can't
upload photos, but I do have a digital now! I'll try to remember to upload
the pics tonight. Anyways, she gifted me two beautiful hanks of rayon yarn
in a beautiful purple/green colorway, I think it's called Orchid. And she
also included some note cards she made at her letterpress class! I've always
wanted to take a class like that, but they don't offer anything like that
around here, at least not that I've found. So, THANKS SUZIE :) your package
made my day.

As for the Dual Disc Debacle, I finished my packages and they were sent out
Tuesday afternoon. Nothing like slacking, especially in a swap you're
hosting! Well, they were supposed to go out Monday, but we had a bit of a
communication problem between myself and the boy. That's OK tho. I noticed
there are a lot of us slackers out there :) I'll be posting my artwork and
track listings in a few days. It was quite a chore trying to figure out how
I was going to work my packaging, but in the end, it all came together, and
I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

For the Knitting news, I have attached 7 dreds to the dredlock bag so far.
I'm kinda dragging my feet on this part. I would probably have a lot more
done, but I've been making the I-cord for the straps. The dreds are I-cord
too, but they're only 4" long, so there's a lot of color switching going on.
You'll see. Eventually!

I'm still planning on tackling the socks, but at this point, I'm already
feeling the holiday crunch. I did get to do a bit of unexpected early x-mas
shopping last Friday tho. Picked up a cool gift for the boy from Borders.
Even tho he will never read this, I'll omit the actual gift. It's pretty
cool and I know he'll love it. Now I just have to start compiling the stuff
for his "big" gift. Another super secret!

So for some reason I've really had this itch to knit or crochet animals for
gifties this year. I saw an awesome book at Michaels a while back, and when
I finally had the $$ to get it, their clearance section was gone for the
holidays. So I did a bunch of research on Amazon and found a few books to
satisfy my needs. Did you know it's practically impossible to find a crochet
book on making animals? They're all out of print! So I guess I'll just have
to knit my little heart out, and maybe get creative and transpose them into
crochet instructions. I also got a book on sewing stuffed animals. I'm not
sure If I'm quite up to the task, as my sewing skills have been thrown to
the wayside for knitting and crocheting. But I'm getting ready to brush up
on my skills again. I'll be sewing for a few friends and for my SP this
round. After having a Seamstress Extreme as my spoiler last round, I've been

And this weekend I'm planning on attending <a
href=""> the Renegade Craft Fair </a> at
Wicker Park. The weatherman said it's going to be scattered showers all
weekend, and I'm just hoping they won't scatter over the fair. I checked
with the organizers, and they said the fair will go on rain or shine. I'm
just not too keen on walking from the train to the el in the rain, ya know?

So that's about it in my little world. I've been fighting my yawns all day,
even though I had more continuous sleep last night than I have had in a
while (thanks sominex). So back to the grind...



Anonymous jen said...

you aren't excited to meet ME? sheeeesh
and all that hard work i just did on yer kittie pouch! you know i bleed making almost every single one of those, i end up stabbing my finger at some point while doing the embroidery part. NOW SEE I BLEED FOR YOU AND YOU STILL DON'T EVEN CARE ( that's all sarcasm to by the way and it's not even 11pm. heh heh)

September 22, 2005 10:47 PM  
Blogger Wyld Turtle said...

Hooray, I finally got a chance to sit and read someone's blog! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. I'd love to get together and hang out. I got to the knit-in at The Gifted Purl in Dundee on Friday nights if your interested. I'm heading there tonight, it starts at 5:30pm. And to respond to something you wrote earlier in your blog, I know how to spin and I'd be happy to teach you sometime. ::grin::

September 23, 2005 11:54 AM  

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