Monday, September 12, 2005

blogging by mail...

ok, so I'm trying this out. If this blogging by mail thing works out, I'll
probably blog a lot more often :)

So this weekend was pretty nice. Friday night we went out to dinner with my
parents for mom's b-day. Mom really wanted seafood, so we opted for the china buffet instead of driving 45 minutes to Red Lobster or Joe's Crab Shack. It was OK. I guess I'm just so spoiled by my mom's awesome Filipino cooking, that it's hard for me to eat shitty egg rolls and flavorless egg foo young. Ah well. I still got my bucchi (the sugar coated fluffy bits of
dough) and a few other good tasting things like chicken an a skewer and 4 different kinds of shrimp. Overall it wasn't too bad, but not someplace I would frequent often. I guess I would just prefer to cook it myself! Now to get my mom to actually write down her secret egg roll recipe!

Saturday was a great day to sleep in. We had a late breakfast and moseyed on down to volleyball. Our friends try to get together every other weekend to play. I've been out of commission this year since I broke my elbow in February. I'm trying not to do anything to aggravate it, as I still cannot completely straighten my arm. So instead, I was on babysitting duty. Let me just say that Sophie is one of the cutest and most well behaved of all the kids I know under 2. She only gets crabby when she's tired or hungry, like most kids. We watched little bear, played with the puppies, and went outside in between games. Her parents were so surprised that she behaved so well for me, especially since I haven't really spent a lot of one on one time with her. Then they asked me when we were having one! AHHH! We're not even engaged yet! I told them this is currently a baby-free-zone with no plans in the immediate future. I kinda like kids, but I'm not sure if I want to have any of my own. It would be nice to have a little cass or kat running around, but I'm just not sure about bringing a child into this unstable world. I'm kinda afraid of what the future may bring, ya know? But we'll see. Like I said, we're not even engaged, and we both still live at home! Kinda sad, considering we're both over 25, but hopefully within the next 8 months we'll be in a place of our own.

Speaking of which, we got to tour the house last week! Our friend Krista's parents own a house in Wonder Lake. They have been renting it out to her brother for the past couple of years. Well, he has moved to Colorado, and now Krista and her boy get to move in. And since we practically live at their apartment on the weekends, they asked us if we also wanted to move in
with them. YES!!! We're going to be helping them re-paint, clean, organize before we move in. That, and we would like to save up some $$ before we move in. I'm soo glad I got this new job. And it's the same distance as what I'm currently driving, so no big deal there either :) Neither of us can wait to get out of our respective houses. We love our parents dearly, but there comes a time when you just have to get out! Neither of us had ever lived anywhere but in the same room, in the same house, all our lives. Damn, it'll be great to be out on our own.

So now for the knitting news...there's not much :( I've completed the body of the dreadlock bag, again. I've only attached one dread so far, but I have been working on the strap. And that's it. I really wanted to start my socks again, but I just haven't gotten there. I haven't really been knitting much lately because of the Dual Disc Debacle. It really is a lot of work to host a swap. I now have a much greater appreciation for all those hosting swaps out there. Plus I have to complete MY mixes and artwork to be mailed by Saturday! oi! I worked a bit on the artwork yesterday morning and spend the rest of yesterday perfecting my mixes. I'm almost there :) Just a bit more tweaking to do to cram as much music as possible on to my two discs. And then I have to do artwork for Chris's discs too! Thankfully he's got a fairly simple design in mind. If only I could do all this work at work! heeheehee... ah well, I'll just be up into the wee hours finishing everything up.

so I've written a hella blog today! I'll leave it at that for now. And I hope to be getting a new digital camera soon. I've really been missing my pictures! until we meet again...


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