Thursday, August 11, 2005

to dye for

ok, so i've been agonizing over yarn. since i am alergic to wool i'm constantly searching for other fiber that i'm not alergic to. so today I got am email from dharma trading company. A little background about this company and how I found out about them...a few years back my best friend and I really got into tie-dye and we were looking for a place we could get high-quality dyes and reasonable blanks to dye. Dharma trading was the place for it all. They have a HUGE selections of blanks (plain/white stuff to dye), awesome selection of dyes, and many more craft-related things. The products are high quality (no unraveling or shitty workmanship) and reasonable priced. This is THE source for do-it-yourself dyeing, silkscreening, batiking, etc.

ok, so the whole reason for this post is what i found in my newsletter. Dharma now carries YARN TO DYE!!! Click here to find out more about it. I am really thinking of investing in a few hanks to test. If you click on the images at the bottomw with the numbers, you get a closeup and specs for the yarn. I'll have to just get some to test :) ok...another thing for me to save for!

and on a personal note, things are much better for me today. Sometime on Tuesday a pipe burst in our basement that's somehow connected to the water heater. So that means no hot water for anything. ICE COLD showers suck. That coupled with not enough sleep and horrible PMS just made for a very cranky kitty. So when I arrived at my BFs house last night, his momma asked if we wanted to stay for dinner and I was like "I don't care..." and told her I just had a shitty day. So she treated us to a dinner out :) It was awesome. Totally terrible for me but awesome. What better comfort food than a spicy/cheesy italian beef on garlic bread and cheesy waffle fries? I love you Beef Village.



Blogger melanie said...

i just got your cd yesterday and it is awesome! i have been listening to it in the office today...great selections. and the packaging is fabulous.
i am sorry it has taken me this long to pick up my mail and then get back to you about it. (re: your post yesterday) after getting back into town we had an emergency and it seems as if things are just now settling down to where i can get back to normal day to day things...i promise it was not because i didn't want to get back to you.
anyway, the cd is awesome and i hope to post about it and the others i received shortly.
thank you so much!

August 11, 2005 3:03 PM  

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