Monday, August 22, 2005

i could die of embarassment...

OK, this is so freakin' embarassing, so I figured I'd share it with tons of people I harly know! It turns out what I thought (and was taught) was the knit stitch, wasn't. I've been using the "back loop" knit stitch for over a year and a half. Damn I feel like an idiot. I suppose if I had actually taken the time to read my knitting books, instead of trusting someone I thought could knit to teach me, I would have figured this out a long time ago. It's not completely devastating, but it's still pretty bad. I completely frogged the dredlock bag and my first sock, which was completely finished :*( ....oi. SO yeah. That was my weekend. Plus now I have to go to all of my friends, whom I have taught to knit and explain to them that I taught them wrong. Ugh. nothing like a blow to the ego. Ah well...I will survive :) And maybe I can teach myself continental style knitting now! LOL


p.s. 9 days left to sign up for the dual disc debacle!


Anonymous jen said...

dont be embarassed.
i still do dumb things after 3 years of knitting. i forget how to increase by knitting into the front and back of it.
i twisted a stitch in my flower face cloth a few weeks ago and DIDN'T see it til i was like 7 round into the join...and chienille is a PAIN THE ASS to frog.

i knit continental and i love it. if you crochet you should knit like this, it's already similar.

August 23, 2005 12:36 AM  
Blogger She-Knits-A-Lot said...

hey everyone makes mistakes! need i remind you of the 8 1/2 foot wide afghan i made? yeah... i didn't figure it out until it was 3 FEET long! it happens to everyone!

August 23, 2005 6:46 PM  
Blogger katiedid said...

i did the same thing when i learned to knit! my first sweater and first two scarves were knit this way (and surprisingly it's not really noticable). i only realized i was doing it wrong when my aunt was helping me with a scarf and she couldn't figure out why my stitches were so tight... i was so embarassed when i figured it out that i never told her why.

cheers for learning to knit right (when you didn't realize you were knitting wrong)!

August 26, 2005 8:36 AM  
Anonymous jen said...

we're picking up a bike tomorrow in crystal lake!

August 26, 2005 5:06 PM  
Blogger Heatherly said...

i learned to knit, just to make socks. it has become an addiction since then. the first sock i made was knit all thru back loops. it wasn't until i began sock 2 that someone at my LYS said something. the sock fits great, but has no mate. i never made the second.

August 30, 2005 1:20 PM  
Anonymous Ina said...

Just surfing by to say thanks for the SP6 buttons. They're all so great that I'm going to have to rotate them on my blog!

As for twisted knitting, that's actually the standard practice in some parts of the world. So your teacher may have been passing along a tradition different from the one that's more customary around here. As others have noted, it yields a firmer fabric, which could be an important advantage if you don't have much between you and the wind.

Knitting is such an old craft (did you know the ancient Egyptians made linen thong socks?) that concepts of the "right" way and the "wrong" way really are just superimposed on reality.

So knit on and don't let anybody get you down!

P.S. You can do handstands? While smashed?? Wow, great upper body strength and equilibrium!

September 01, 2005 7:45 PM  

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