Wednesday, August 03, 2005

arrivals and other things

OK, so I have TONS to write about, and not a lot of time.

Fisrt off, I had a great B-day :) I got tons of $$ and gift cards/certificates for the LYS and Michaels! YAY! I bought the getting to know hemp kit from knit pixie, yarn and needles to make the dreadlock bag from indiknits, and I still have more to spend! My boyfriend took me to the melting pot for dinner, and it was a total foodgasm. Check out the menu and drool yourself! We had the fondu for 2: wisconsin cheese trio, I had a mushroom salad and BF had the Chef salad - the swiss cheese, for entree we had the pacific rim combo and for desert, the pure milk chocolate fondu with lots of yummy treats! THE best b-day dinner, i've ever had :)

Yesterday, I recieved another needle roll from my SP! it's made with the same fabric as the others, and it's now home to my crochet hooks! I love how I have all of this coordinating stuff :) She also sent me an origami cat (allergy free! LOL) and a paper crane. I love origami, I just haven't found time to do it lately. Thanks SP!

On the knitting front, I worked the heel flap and gussett for my sock , and i'm now onto the foot. just 6 more " and i'm on to the toe! very exciting :) the Black Cleo, is still on the back burner, cause I'm too excited about the dredlock bag! The yarn I picked out is all cascade. The main body is #9432 and for the dreds I picked out #7814 and I think #7818 (can't find that label of course!) so it should be a fun and funky project! I've never felted before, so I'm really excited about this!

I have made a new blog for my CD swap stuff and also for my BF and friend Ken. I'll be posting our CD artwork and stuff there everntually! The new Swap I'm hosting is growing fast, and I'm really excited bout that too!

ok, I have to get some work done now, so until we meet again...



Blogger scooter girl said...

Hi Kat,

I got your mix CD yesterday. Thanks.


August 04, 2005 2:44 AM  

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