Thursday, July 28, 2005

marker mania!

So yesterday I stopped by my house to check my mail, and what did I see? Two marker maina packages waiting for me! Since I don't have a digicam this week, and the one @ work has a dead battery, I scanned in these images. They actually turnd out better than I expected!

Stitchmarkers from Leah
I got this cute little set from Leah. Aren't they adorable? I <3 them :)

Stitchmarkers from Moze

My 2nd package came all the way from Isreal! Moze sent me a really cool vareity of stitch markers! I love all the differnt beads she used :) I know i'm obsessed with matching my markers so much that i never thought to mix it up a bit. I <3 these too!

book thong! heehee

Moze also made me a book thong (hee hee hee) that already has a home in my pattern book :) Thanks Moze!

so last night, I enslaved the BF to burn and label CDs for me while I assebmled my packages for the CD Swap. I'll have pics once I get access to a digicam again. These packages will go out tomorrow! Wahoo! I also sent out my marker mania packages this morning. I'm working on another SP package too! Man, the postoffice must love me :)

So our new roof is complete and I'll be @ home again tonight. I really liked house sitting with my BF. It'll be hard to sleep without him to cuddle with! Ah well...we'll have a place of our own soon. hopefully.



Anonymous jen said...

oooh i am jealous they are so pretty!!!

i'm helping nat with his cd's this weekend, AND i spent 21$ at the post office today sending out packages. sheeesh

July 29, 2005 5:26 PM  
Blogger Gewel said...

Those are pretty markers. Oddly, they make me hungry as well... :)

August 01, 2005 1:09 PM  

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