Thursday, July 28, 2005

marker mania!

So yesterday I stopped by my house to check my mail, and what did I see? Two marker maina packages waiting for me! Since I don't have a digicam this week, and the one @ work has a dead battery, I scanned in these images. They actually turnd out better than I expected!

Stitchmarkers from Leah
I got this cute little set from Leah. Aren't they adorable? I <3 them :)

Stitchmarkers from Moze

My 2nd package came all the way from Isreal! Moze sent me a really cool vareity of stitch markers! I love all the differnt beads she used :) I know i'm obsessed with matching my markers so much that i never thought to mix it up a bit. I <3 these too!

book thong! heehee

Moze also made me a book thong (hee hee hee) that already has a home in my pattern book :) Thanks Moze!

so last night, I enslaved the BF to burn and label CDs for me while I assebmled my packages for the CD Swap. I'll have pics once I get access to a digicam again. These packages will go out tomorrow! Wahoo! I also sent out my marker mania packages this morning. I'm working on another SP package too! Man, the postoffice must love me :)

So our new roof is complete and I'll be @ home again tonight. I really liked house sitting with my BF. It'll be hard to sleep without him to cuddle with! Ah well...we'll have a place of our own soon. hopefully.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

CD Swapand other stuff...

So I've been really busy this week! We got back from our trip to Cincinnati (actually Hebron, KY)for the BF's cousin's wedding. We had a blast! Man, i love his family! They're soo sweet to me, and they know how to party! LOL anyways, i'll have pics...maybe. I don't have a digital of my own (crazy, right?!) so i'll have to get them from the relatives. I finished the afghan just before the reception. It turned out soo nice! Everyone I showed it to loved it. I just hope the newly weds feel the same way!

on the knitting front, I received my package from knit pixie! I got the getting to know hemp kit. it's pretty cool, and i just love working with hemp, so I can't wait to try it out! I'm to the heel for my first sock, and just haven't gotten there yet. I've been too busy doing the CD Swap thing :)

CD Swap: I'm done with my design! I finished my design today, and now I just have to cut and make. I don't use the jewel cases, 'cause I'm a designer! I have to make my own stuff, cause i'm addicted to it! I'm also designing the insert for the BF's cover too. man, i have a lot to work on!

Dual disc swap: the logo is 1/2 way there...the Blog will debut on monday cause i'll need the weekend to work on the rules and everything, plus Garrett and I need to get together to finalize all the details. Monday, I promise!

and that's about it. I'll be partying it up this weekend for my b-day since it's on monday, and next weekend is ozzfest! so i'll officially be in my mid to late 20's. it seems weird. This year has flown by really quickly! so stay tuned for more crafty goodness!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

it's OFFICIAL!!!

Alright kiddies, Garrett and I will be hosting a double disc CD swap. Information should be up by the end of next week. Just and FYI, this will be a DOUBLE DISC swap, so you will have to make 2 CDs. Anyways, more info to come! Damn, I just keep finding more and more things to do! Wahoo!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I <3 gifties!

Last night I received my frist b-day gift!

Early b-day gifts

My boyfriend's parents are going on a road trip, and they weren't too sure if they would be home in time for my birthday (August 1st) so I got an early surprise last night! The blue tote is from Barnes and Noble. It's a flexible rubber with large handle, perfect for my pattern binders! The book with pretty flowers is a journal. The inside has lined pages with perforations, perfect for keeping notes on my knitting patterns :D And I got the most recent issues of Interweave Knits and Knitter's Magazine. All this plus some cold, hard cash to spend at the yarn store! I love my BF's parents :D

Another Crafty Thing...

This past weekend, I attended a class at Archivers. They are the photo memory store that carries everything you need to stamp, scrapbook, and create crafty things. They offer classes all month long, many of which are free!

Water Misting projects

These are the projects I made at the Water Misting class. A cute photo album and a gift tag were stamped during the two hour class. This was my first stamping class, and since they're free, i'm sure I'll be attending many more! The technique we learned, water misting, invloves applying color to stamps (i prefer using the water based markers over painting water colors), applying a fine mist (or two) to the stamp, and then stamping on watercolor paper. The results were pretty cool! This is a technique I could find many uses for and was fairly easy to master. Plus, if you don't like the way your stamping turned out, just wet a small paintbrush, and soften it up. I would definitely recommend taking classes at Archivers, if you have one near by.

Still plugging away at the afghan. I could have finished it over the weekend, but it was soooo HOT, that I just relaxed instead. Only 4 more days left before the wedding! EEEK! I had better get cracking tonight :D


Monday, July 18, 2005

CD Swap Update

Well, this weekend Chris and I finalized our CD Swap 2 playlists. We also got our partners for the swap! I'm really excited :D I've got a few international partners, and Chris got all girl partners! LOL
This week, we'll be working on our inserts and labels. I think I'm going to create a seperate page to view our work at. So keep a look out, fun and funky music may be appearing in your mailbox very soon!


Saturday, July 16, 2005


OK, here's what you've all been waiting for! You know, the few people who actually read this thing :) *WARNING: PHOTO INTENSIVE POST!*

so on the secret pal front...

Straight needle case
This is a lovely needle case that my SP made for me! It coordinates with the circular needle case she made for me too :) Notice my lovely photoshop layering skills. LOL I put in the few straight needles I could find for the photo. I have more, it's just been a while since I've used them, I forgot where they all went off to!

Sock kit
And this here is a lovely sock kit my SP put together for me :) Lovely brittany needles, some cascade fixation in black and white, a pattern leaflet with four different patterns, and a cute hand stamped card. Thanks SP! You're really spoiling me :D

My first sock
My sock on
And here is my first sock! I'm using the pattern off of the magic stripe yarn my mom got for me. It's about 1/3 done, and I haven't touched it in about a week. I've been too busy making the afghan...scroll down to see that!

Black Cleo boob
And the first boob for the black cleo is complete! I finished this last saturday at a barbeque. I've decided to follow the basic pattern and just change the stitch patterns. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out so far.

This is the afghan I'm making for a wedding we are going to next weekend in Cincinatti. It's for my BF's cousin. I'm using homespun and a pattern from lionbrand. It's coming along nicely, and I plan on being finished by the end of the weekend.


stitchmarkers from jen @ piddleloop
This is my first set of stitch markers I received from Jen at piddleloop. We weren't "official" partners, but she's just so awesome, she decided to send me a set too! I love the attention to detail in the packaging and postcard. Each set she made has one unique marker, and I love them all :D Thanks Jen!

stitchmarkers from Erin
And this is the first official set of markers I recieved Thursday. They're from Erin of Nebraska. I love frosted glass, the centerpiece of this set. She packaged them with a card in this nifty little velcro closure pouch. I would love to know where she got these, 'cause I could think of millions of uses! Thanks Erin!

So...that's all for now. I'm off to crochet my heart out to finish that afghan. Have a great weekend!


Friday, July 15, 2005

another little post

a special THANKS to Jen of piddleloop for my great stitch markers! I also recieved my first set from the Marker Mania swap from Erin. Yesterday was soooo hectic being at McCormick Place all day, it was nice to find packages waiting for me when I got home :) Pictures will follow this weekend when I finally get a chance to breathe. Off to another meeting!


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ok, so here's the scoop

This week has been hectic to say the least. So this update is going to be short and sweet and i'll post a mega entry this weekebd. hopefully.

So have I told you how much I love Jen from piddleloop? Well, now I have. I'm anxiously awaiting a package from her as we speak. YAY! I <3 mail! And in case you didn't know, she's also hosting this awesome CD swap . You should check it out. NOW!

On the secret pal front, I recieved another package! It's a sock kit my SP put together for me. I <3 my secret pal! Pictures comming soon...

on the knitting front, one boob for the new black cleo is done. about 1/3 done with my sock. Starting the heel area soon. I hope it goes well!

On the crocheting front, I started an afghan on sunday for the BF's cousin's wedding gift. We're going down to cincinati next friday for the wedding. I should have the blanket done by this weekend. you can view the pattern here .

on the stitch marker swap, I've completed my markers! I also made some cute little gifties to add to my packages. I thknk I'll send them out next friday.

and i thnk that's it. ok, gotta go get some sleep. We're off to another day at the ASI Show tomorrow.


Friday, July 08, 2005


yep. that's me! I meant to photograph everything I needed to by the end of this week, and....nothing. I'm wearing the completed Cleo tomorrow, so I'll be sure someone snaps a pic of me IN it :)

I've been diligently working on my CD Swap playlist and packaging today. Thankfully there's nothing to do at work! I should have everything completed by the end of next week and we're getting our matches next week too! I'm so damn excited about this :^D My friend Garrett and I have been talking about hosting another CD Swap: The Double Disc. If we go through with it, i'll definitely post all about it here!

Well, it's almost time for me to go home. Have a great weekend all!


Thursday, July 07, 2005

for the boy... I've convinced my boyfriend to join the CD Swap! whoo hoo! I'll post his progerss here until he gets his own blog :)

Chris and Kat
A photo of us this past december. Chris is clutching the scarf I made for him for christmas. I do believe he is currently laying in bed, playing grand theft auto:san andreas, nursing the worst sunburn he's ever had. I guess that's what rafting with no sunblock will do to you! Maybe next time he'll lister to me...yeah right! LOL

an on the lighter side of crazy blogthings...

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz expresso machine, eh? at least I'm not a foreman grill!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

fly by the seat of your pants!

All head is still spinning from vacation! We got back late Monday night from our rafting/camping trip to northern Wisconsin. I've never been up that far before, and it was a blast, aside form the moths that covered EVERYTHING that was lit up and night. And this does include me holding a flash light! OI! but things are settling down, I just have laundry left to start and finish. I'll have more about this trip when I get a chance to think about stuff and I get some pics developed and gathered from everyone else that went with us!

On the knitting end...Cleo is completely complete! No pics of me donning my project, but those will come soon too...I promise! I have already started an all black version of Cleo :)
Next on the docket, I'm knitting socks! You heard me right, I've ventured into sock-land, hoping not to get in over my head. I bought a skein of magic stripe and some crappy plastic double points for my first try. I originally got the plastic DPNs cause I wanted bamboo, and they didn't have them, and I really didn't want to use aluminum cause it's so damn slippery. Little did I know that plastic DPNs are really crappy! Well, they'll do for now. At least I can figure out if I need to spend the $$ on getting a good set of DPNs if I really like knitting socks. My boyfriend was mezmerized and frightened by my 5 needles and part of a sock. He just asked me if everything was OK and then left me to my knitting. I think he's interested, but it's not for him. But he has already asked me to knit him a sweater, so we'll see what santaKLAWZ has in store for him. After browsing the newest installment of Knitty, I've got a few ideas!

Well, I know it's a short post, but I've got to get out of here (work) and attend to my huge pile of vacation laundry. A quick THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH! to my SP for another great package :) Pics will follow by the end of the week!