Monday, June 20, 2005

stuff and stuff

So Friday was not a good day for the kitty. Too much stress isn't good for anyone, espicially on a friday! But that all changed when I came home to another package from my SP! I was jumping around the house like a little girl I was so darn excited :)

Rolled Needle Case

I received this b-e-a-utiful! needle case from my SP :) Needless to say I love it!

Needle Case-open

And here it is already filling up with my circular needles :) I have been wanting to find time to make myself a few of these, and my SP must have read my mind! I am totally inspired, and my momma wants to make some for her friends too!

After all the excitement, I had a job to do. I took over one of my momma's cake orders 'cause she's been soo busy in the garden.

Doll Cake

Here is a close-up of the cake (sorry for the darkness, I didn't take these photos). It was a doll cake and the skirt is the yummy cake :) I came up with my own design on the fly, my favorite way to work!

Me and the cake

And here I am holding my creation :)

And last but not least, there was a lot of knitting going on this past weekend too! We were invited to a graduation party for my BF's cousin, so I continued to knit cleo in the car, at the party and on the way home!

Cleo Boobies

I finished the boobies on Cleo! YAY! Last night I cast on for the body, and I hope to have it finished within the next two weeks. As you can see, I changed it up a bit from the first photo. My gauge was a little wonky, so I actually used the right size needles, and two strands of Sugar and Cream in Sage and Ecru. I am so freakin' excited about this project :) I'll probably have to make 5 more just so I can wear them for the rest of the summer!

Aside from all that we had a pretty relaxing father's day. Mom and I prepped all the food, baked dad a cake, and grilled after finishing some yard work. I'll have to take some photos of our enormous garden. Right now it's over-run by strawberries! at least 1/2 of our planting area is filled with little strawberry plants, so much that we can't even mow the edges of the garden! Well, it's almost time to return to the heat of the outside world, so until next time...



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