Monday, April 25, 2005

Too funny not to share

Kathryn Rose Katkus's Aliases

Your movie star name: Sweet Potato Chips Francis

Your fashion designer name is Kathryn Amsterdam

Your socialite name is Pagoon Chicago

Your fly girl / guy name is K Kat

Your detective name is Cat Crystal Lake Central

Your barfly name is Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips Tangeray Gin & Tonic

Your soap opera name is Rose Terra Cotta

Your rock star name is Gummy Worms Grand National

Your star wars name is Katfri Katchr

Your punk rock band name is The Asi-asi Flugelhoffen

Rainbow Edging!

The edging on rainbow is complete! I added a crochet shell edging to rainbow this past weekend. I also purchased some super cute jersey material from JoAnn Fabrics this weekend to add a backing. I can't wait till it's completely finished!

Granny Squares!

I learned how to crochet granny squares! In the class I am taking at Quietly Wild in Woodstock, we learned how to make granny squares, and we will be making a skirt. I have a few squares done for the skirt, and I will scan them in later this week. For now, just a little taste.

My first granny square!

Monday, April 18, 2005


This is a bit off the knitting/crocheting topic, but I couldn't help but share!

I recieved a most excellent xmas gift from my friend Kennilingus. It's a bonsai potato kit! Check it out for yourself here.

My BONSAI! red potato at home on my desk :)

Crochet Crazy!

So my good friend Katie and I have decided to learn to crochet. We have a most fabulous teacher @ Quietly Wild, Rhonda :)

I finished my first project! It's a single-crochet blue! chenille scarf, with lavendar tickle fur. It only took me a few hours to complete, and I'm really happy to have learned to crochet! This week we're learning granny squares :) more to come!

the whole scarf complete!

a close-up of the detail with lavendar tickle fur


Rainbow is semi-complete!

I have been knitting this baby blanket for about a month and a 1/2, taking a few breaks here and there...all I have left to do is a crochet edge, and to decide if I am going to attach a jersy backing. I also apologize for the yellow background. It was the only plain, solid color bkg i had @ the office!

the semi-finished product

a closeup...blanket measures 24" in diameter

a slight angle to view the yo spirals